Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Proper Preparation

If you’re anything like me, you read all the “expert” advice telling you to organize your hunting gear well before the beginning of the season. As so many hunting guides and outdoor writers suggest, “check and recheck all necessary equipment on a rainy spring day, on a sweltering summer evening, or during halftime of a Notre Dame football game."
And if you’re exactly like me, you acknowledge the validity of the advice and promptly ignore it.
I suppose that’s why the first day of pheasant season found me reaching into the pocket of my vest for a few samplings of number 6 and instead finding an old Almond Joy, a spent cartridge, and the grocery list I lost back in December. The cartridge reminded me of the last hunting day of 2007 while the grocery list reminded me of the many times my wife is right and I’m wrong. The Almond Joy simply provided me a nice morning snack on the first hunt of 2008. The chocolate was chewy and the almond certainly could have been more joyful. Still, a good find.
I’d like to say I was a bit more organized for the start of big game season, but alas I was again not as dutiful as the expert said. The good news is I remembered my tag; I packed it neatly into my “deer hunting only” pack that hangs on a nail in the garage. I know that’s where I had the tag because I put it in the pack the day I got it.
Just imagine how sorry that buck would have been had I not left the pack hanging on that nail. To make matters worse, I had no Almond Joy with me.
But I live for waterfowl season, and yesterday I decided to organize my decoys, add weights to the ones needing to be replaced, untangle the cords, and even apply a little touchup paint on those bright green heads. As for my goosin’ gear, I planned to fill every shot sleeve with a dose of 3 ½ inch BB shells.
Who am I kidding, I’ll do it when I get out to the river.

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