Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day to remember

After a couple weeks of seemingly working every waking minute, the stars aligned and I got out for a day of bird hunting. And what a day it was! Early Saturday morning I hit the road with Paul Reinker, of MSJ field staff fame. Our destination was the ranch of an acquaintance in the Powder River country. Upon arriving we were pleasantly surprised to find the ranchers claim of having, "Plenty of birds" to be an understatement. Never before had I seen the sheer number of pheasants that this ranch held, nor had my much more experienced (aged) hunting partner. Despite diligently passing up a number of shots in favor of solid flushes from our young golden retriever, we both found ourselves with limiting trios in little more than an hours time. The mornings hunting was only topped by the bowls of chili awaiting us at the ranch house.

Thanks to Paul & Kristi Mobley of Twin Buttes Outfitters for having us out, your hospitality was greatly appreciated.

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