Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Four Days to Sheep Season!

Hard to believe summer is nearly over. With the present fire situation and continued heat we wouldn't know it. Temperatures and fires aside sheep hunting in the unlimited district opens September 1. I've got a sheep tag in my pocket and I'm going. Fires in the southern end of the district forced me to take a different route in but pleasant surprises awaited at 9,500 feet. One immature ram I began watching last year has continued to grow and will be looking good one day. Grass is greener this year than at this time last year and my water source hasn't gone dry. Life is good. Archery season will open before we know it too. If you haven't been shooting and scouting-You're Wrong! Best of luck to all of you heading afield this fall. I will keep you posted on how the sheep hunt goes. Out for now.