Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Arctic Limits

Old fashioned Montana December weather moved in. With temperatures between -15 and -35 across the state we got locked in an arctic icebox and that meant only one thing needed to be done-find open water and go duck hunting. Roxy and I headed out in the minus teen temps Friday morning with a 10-15 mph north wind blowing. Had about 15 minutes to legal shooting light and birds were already bombing into the spring fed slough. Once legal I goosed my first shot on a drake pintail! It got better from there though. Birds didn’t stop coming in all morning and I had a limit by 9:30. Had to put Roxy in the truck to warm up around 9 as her feet had enough. Tip:bring along a couple of carpet squares and if possible a portable propane heater for the dog to keep functionally comfortable on days like this. In the end however the hunt is over when the dog has had enough. For me nothing is worth injury to the dog to keep hunting when they can’t. After she was warming up in the truck I shot the last mallard drake for the limit. Birds were still bombing in as I picked up decoys. Helluva mornin’!