Sunday, October 12, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

It has been a warm fall on the uplands. I have had too many days where the dogs were whipped by noon from hunting in above-normal temperatures. As a result, I was often cussing the balmy weather, looking forward to cool days and cold nights.
Well, it changed and it changed dramatically. On Thursday, I was hunting sharptail in a tee-shirt. This Sunday, the 2nd day of pheasant season, it snowed over eight inches in eastern Montana.
Hunting was bearable and even enjoyable, despite the constant snow in the face and the brisk north winds. The birds sat tight, unable to run in the snow, making for some great points by the dogs and some easy shooting. It also forced a lot of hunters into the bars, to watch football, giving us less competition afield. I love hunting late season pheasants, but I don't think it needs to happen in mid-October.

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