Monday, September 1, 2008

Get 'em involved

As we all know, getting the next generation interested in the tradition of hunting and fishing is crucial to maintaining our sporting heritage. Exposing our youth to positive, fun experiences in the fields and streams at an early age is undoubtedly the biggest factor in their becoming future sportsmen.
This weekend I went along on a fishing trip with my nephew, who is not yet 3, and his father. While some anglers might have viewed young Samuel's presence on the boat as a distraction, he didn't detract at all from the trip. Hearing his laughter as he "turned in" the reel on each leaping fish and watching his amazement as the fish was brought to hand was well worth the little bit of extra attention he required. A healthy supply of powdered donuts and snacks went a long way in keeping him happy when the fishing slowed or he grew tired of playing with the worms.
Samuel is already looking forward to his next trip and has developed the tell tale trait of waking before Mom comes to roust him on mornings when a day of fishing is in store . To say he gets excited when his Dad hooks up the boat is an understatement. He is lucky to have someone to provide him with these early experiences in life, not every child has such opportunities. Take a kid fishing.

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