Friday, August 29, 2008

Game Time

Unless you work on a carnival or you don't fish, summer always flies by in the northern lattitudes. It seems like yesterday we swapped our flannel shirts and wool pants for t-shirts and Speedo trunks. Well, maybe not the Speedo. Regardless, here in MT, the nights are already cooler and the days shorter. And now, September 1st is looming.
While some archery antelope seasons open in August, September 1st is the real turning point for many of us multi-sport outdoor fanatics. Upland game bird season opens on the 1st, with archery big game to follow on the 6th. If you haven't already, it is time to get your bird dogs' feet toughened up with some road work and probably get your own mid-section slightly slimmer.
It is also time to start shooting some rounds through your centerfires. I vowed to shoot my .243 more this past summer than in years past, preparing for the antelope opener in October that always sneaks up on me. Now I need to do the same with the bigger deer and elk rifles. Monday will find me behind two dogs, looking for blue grouse. Wow, it is hunting season already. Bring it on.

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