Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call 'em in

As I was lying in bed last night fading to sleep, blaring sirens from passing emergency vehicles on the city streets kept me awake. Only twenty four hours earlier I'd been sleeping under the stars in the high country with nothing but elk bugles keeping me awake at night. Trading bugles and wilderness for sirens and city life isn't all bad, but it definitely makes me long for my next trip into the mountains.

The wapiti in SW Montana are definitely in full rut right now, in fact where I was it may be on the decline with many bulls already busted up and content with maintaining their large harems. This time every year I vow that I'll be shooting a bow by next fall, but again I find myself without a bow in hand this September. Instead I opted for a little catch and release elk hunting with my camera. Calling bulls into close range is a thrill and challenge even without an arrow nocked and is a great way to get stoked for the upcoming general season.

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