Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sheep Hunt Day 6

Last day on the mountain. Rain pounded my bivy most of the night but luckily shut off sometime this morning before 5. Heading up the ridge towards my sheep mountain the air had that crisp feel to it that only arrives in fall. There was definitely cooler air behind the weather last night. Strips of clouds drifted across the mountain and above revealing a clear sky. Once perched and glassing I could see all around that most of the clouds were cloaking everything below 8,000 feet with only the peaks jutting above. Clouds broke up everywhere in the sky and the cool breeze portended of autumn. In a distant park I spotted a herd of elk appearing to be in pre-rut mode with smaller sized members of the herd making short sprints away from a larger member of the herd-too far away to see antlers. Mountain goats remained near their chosen cliffside perches feeding on lichen covered rocks. Rams proved yet again elusive. Despite the absence of sheep the fall feel to the morning with gin clear skies, the increasing southern angle of the sun, and crisp air injected an energy of good things to come yet this season. With a long day of walking ahead I wrapped up my morning glassing and headed back down to load up camp. The hike out was long but made better by the weather. I made it back to the truck by 4 p.m. Driving out there were further signs of fall's approach as foliage along the brush choked creek was beginning to turn. Yet another sheep hunt in the books with an unfilled tag. But with each year I feel I'm getting closer. The unlimited hunt isn't for everyone. For me personally, there is no better way to end a summer or start fall than with a sheep hunt.

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  1. Only thing missing from this is more photos. Post 'em up, Matt.