Monday, September 16, 2013

Sheep Hunt Day 2

At first light I was perched below a ridgeline scouring the mountain with my binoculars. By 10 a.m. I'd seen no sheep or any other game for that matter. Believe it or not this is somewhat of a good sign. According to the biologist rams in these units tend to head for the most rugged inhospitable terrain. Food and water do exist but not in great supply. I also felt good as I shared the mountain with the only outfitter guiding in the area. If they were here it was because they'd likely scouted it two months prior and it was the best place to be. Nearing mid day, temps were starting to climb. Needing to resupply water I dropped all excess weight from my day pack loading up empty bottles and the bladder. Dropping down into the drainage below it was a half hour hike to the spring. Shaded and tucked tight in a small draw the temperature was ten to fifteen degrees cooler-good place to cache meat in hot weather After downing two nalgenes purified through the Katadyn I filled up the bladder and refilled bottles heading back up the mountain. Temps were staying in about the mid 80s without a breeze. I hung out in the shade taking a mid day nap until it was time for sheep o'clock at about 4:30 or so. By dusk, no sheep. Back in camp I raised a snort of 40 Creek Canadian Whisky in good luck for tomorrow, Sept. 1, when the season opens.

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