Monday, September 16, 2013

Sheep Hunt Day 3

This morning I climbed into my glassing perch with the .270 at the ready. Nothing is as anticipated as the first rays of light on a sheep mountain on opening day. Weather looked to be about the same. Cool in the morning, hot through the day and somewhat cooler in the evening. The morning glassing was slow again. Nothing in the avalanche chutes, nothing in the vertical strips of timber. Following another mid day break from the heat I spotted sheep finally about 7 p.m. All ewes and lambs maneuvering a cliff face to a broad grassy slope, its always a pleasure to watch the ease with which these animals negotiate crags and chutes humans have no business in. Two of the ewes wore radio collars so FWP is monitoring these guys. I watched them feed onto the slope and just before dark back into the crags. No rams today.

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