Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Mallards and Solitude Afield

20 days left to hunt ducks and geese! With big game done and fairer weather behind us most hunters have hung it up for 2012. But for the few late season fanatics now is the time to hit the rivers and find those little known pockets ducks and geese pile into on rivers and streams. The best part about it is there is little to no pressure at all. Any morning when I think about hitting the snooze and rolling back into the warm comfort of my bed, a cold nudge from my lab's nose on my arm reminds me that there are only so many hunting days left. When she's bringing in a fat, late-season greenhead I'm glad I got up.

The weather has been up and down of late but the cold snaps seem to be coming in quicker succession with only a day or two of warm up in between. The stillwater is staying locked up good now and the birds are sticking to the rivers which means better access to the birds. A half dozen dekes and a flapper are about all a guy needs. If you find them piled in already on a spot you may not need any dekes at all. If heading to a new spot scout it out the evening before to see where birds are flying to. If you can get on moving water in good grain country good shooting should not be far away. Think food and open water and birds will be there.

Don't sleep in! Get up and go get 'em.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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