Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On The Water Again

For some of the purist fly anglers that subscribe to MSJ or only follow this blog, I realize you are probably very indifferent, or perhaps even disgusted, by my walleye and other warmwater activities. Fishing out of a motorized boat, using live bait, often nightcrawlers, may turn your stomach.
Well, right now I am glad I am fairly diverse angler. While I enjoy fly fishing and appreciate the intricacies and the simplicity of the form(see other May blog entries), I grew up fishing walleyes, panfish and pike. The spring fishing season and its preparation, was as much of an event as the first day of pheasant or deer season.
Nostalgia aside, fishing the big reservoirs for 'eyes is practical right now. While the majority of the states' rivers are running high, muddy and some, dangerous, the "lakes" of central and eastern Montana are fishable. Water temps are a little behind schedule, but they are creeping up slowly.
Getting that first bite of the spring is just like a child riding the bike he received from Santa. Despite not experiencing the slight tug of a walleye on our minnow/jig offering for six, seven months, we know exactly what to do. And we are just as excited to feel that sensation as we were last spring, and the spring before that.
Granted, the weather wasn't kind this holiday weekend and I only had one day to fish. With adequate rain gear and good sports along side of me, we made the best of it. And we caught fish.


  1. Yee haw. Looks like fun - I sometimes miss walleye fishing.

  2. I love flyfishing for trout and salmon here in Newfoundland but I also love hand lining for cod. Its about the protein with cod. I love bird hunting over dogs as well but moose again for the meat.You can live up here off moose ,cod and a few vegetables. A scattered bird, trout, salmon for special occasions.
    I enjoy the blog