Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yellowstone Wolf Documentary

While drinking my coffee this morning I visited Dan "Rooster" Leavens blog, Rooster's Ramblings. Here I found a video trailer for an upcoming documentary about the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction's impact on wildlife and hunting in SW Montana. The name of the documentary is, "Yellowstone is Dead" - you can probably deduce the viewpoint of the film makers from that. The video includes an appearance by Don Laubach of ELK Inc. - living in Gardiner, MT Don has witnessed the downfall of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd over the past 15 years. The full length documentary promises to be interesting.


  1. Some good points are made but much over simplifying of the causes of elk herd decline are used to support the views of the film maker. It is time to delist the wolf and to have regular wolf hunting seasons, keep the courts out of the decision making and let the wildlife biologist use science to manage our wildlife. Remember though, it's the predator, bear, cougar and wolf that made the elk evolve into the animals they are today. Finally leave the Endangered Species Act alone it has done a lot of good for wildlife overall.

  2. The reintroduction of the Canadain wolf is the biggest non-native transplant disaster in the history of wildlife management. The elk has plenty of predators to keep them healthy (people). I loved the film but doubt it will be taken seriously in the circles that created this unholy unleashing. Every elk hunter I know in Montana and Idaho agree the wolves have killed most of the elk they have hunted for decades. The Endangered species act needs to be re-written to look at the global populations of an animal, not local populations. The grey wolf is not an endagered species it has very heathy populations in Canada....and if we are reintroducing them lets put some in Grand Central Park, after all, wolves once roamed freely there too...and the suburbs...maybe we could feed them aborted babies from liberal communities so they get the taste of liberal flesh! It's a win win! the wolves can live with the liberals and eat there pets and kids since they are the ones that want them back.